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A surprising alliance has formed within the Emerald Dream in the latest patch 10.2 of World of Warcraft. Leading the charge against the Druids of the Flame is none other than Lilian Voss, a member of the Desolate Council and a respected leader of the Forsaken. What makes this pairing even more unexpected is her collaboration with Shandris Feathermoon, the Night Elf adopted daughter of Tyrande Whisperwind. This unlikely friendship is explored in detail in the recent patch, offering players a unique narrative experience. Please note that there may be spoilers ahead for players who have yet to explore the PTR version of the game.

A Call to Aid

The journey to Amirdrassil in patch 10.2 begins with Deralyn Summermoon and her group of Dark Rangers delivering a message from Lilian Voss. She requests assistance in the fight against the Druids of the Flame. To everyone's surprise, Lilian and Shandris Feathermoon are working together, with Shandris herself leading the mission. Lilian, being an Undead, faces prejudice from the inhabitants of the Emerald Dream, who view her with suspicion. However, it becomes clear that a cross-faction friendship has blossomed between Lilian and Shandris, as the latter expresses her admiration for Lilian's skills as a warrior and her kind nature.

Shandris Feathermoon's Journal

During the questline, Shandris becomes possessed by a dream spirit, which forces her to relive painful memories. Players have the opportunity to assist her and learn more about her history through her journal entries. The journal offers a glimpse into Shandris's experiences and the hardships she has faced throughout her life. While most of the entries consist of mission briefings, the final few pages express her emotions more vividly.

  • Page 1

Shandris recounts the destruction of Ara-Hinam, her homeland, and the loss of her family at the hands of the Burning Legion. She reflects on her desire to fight and the disapproval she faced from Tyrande, who believed she was not yet ready. Despite this, Shandris eventually joined the battle and experienced the taste of bloodshed for the first time. However, Tyrande's concerns proved valid, and Shandris was grateful when she found herself by Tyrande's side once again.

  • Page 2

Shandris recalls the fall of Cenarius and the destruction of her home by fel orcs. She questions her role in these events and admits to feeling powerless. The entry becomes difficult to read as Shandris's emotions intensify.

  • Page 3

Shandris laments her inability to prevent the naga from seizing Feathermoon Isle. She expresses a sense of hopelessness, knowing that her home will eventually be taken from her once again. The fear of losing her refuge haunts her, leaving her without a safe place to call home.

  • Page 4

Shandris recalls the ruins of Theramore and the battles fought there. She questions if there was anything she could have done differently to alter the tragic outcome. The memories of the burning forest in Dustwallow Marsh weigh heavily on her mind, reminding her of past failures.

  • Page 5

Shandris reflects on the loss of Tyrande, who fell under the sway of the Night Warrior--an event that shattered her hope. She blames Sylvanas, expressing frustration and crossed-out attempts to write her name. She acknowledges her own powerlessness and the intervention of Ysera, which saved her from Tyrande's rage.

  • Page 6

The Druids of the Flame and their destructive actions weigh on Shandris's thoughts. She draws parallels between the current situation and the tragedy of Darkshore, fearing that history will repeat itself. The scent of burning trees fills her senses as she questions her own readiness and leadership.

  • Page 7

The journal culminates with Shandris's exhaustion and despair. She expresses her weariness in enduring these haunting memories and voices her concerns about the future of Amirdrassil. Shandris's emotions mirror those of many Night Elves who have been scarred by past losses, echoing Tyrande's own weariness and plea to Malfurion.

An Unlikely Friendship

As the questline progresses, players assist in freeing Shandris from the clutches of the dream spirit. However, the experience leaves her emotionally drained and in need of healing. The dryads advise that someone should stay with Shandris during her recovery, and Lilian Voss willingly takes on this role. Lilian offers support and guidance to Shandris, urging her to confront her anger and recognize the importance of seeking help and healing. This unexpected friendship between Lilian and Shandris is heartwarming, emphasizing the bonds that can be formed beyond faction boundaries.

Lilian Voss says: You can't keep all that anger bubbling around in you like a cauldron. You need to talk to someone. Talk to me.

Shandris Feathermoon says: I have been living with these memories for eons. I don't know a life without them haunting my mind.

Lilian Voss says: Someone told me that we all have pieces of our past that haunt us. But we're working towards a better future--together.

Shandris Feathermoon says: I... Would like that.

Lilian Voss says: I would too. Rest for now. We'll head back to Amirdrassil when you're ready.

The Implications

As the players witness this growing friendship, it sparks curiosity and raises questions about the future of the factions. Lilian Voss, being one of the most prominent leaders of the Forsaken after Sylvanas Windrunner, has shown a surprising affinity for the Alliance. In the past, Lilian has been seen frequently with Calia, the Light-created Undead who maintains a strong relationship with the Alliance. Now, Lilian's close rapport with Shandris Feathermoon further highlights her connection with the opposing faction.

It is worth noting that Lilian only joined the Forsaken recently, after years spent hunting the Scarlet Crusade independently. Her presence on the Horde's side during the events of Battle for Azeroth raised suspicion and warranted close observation. However, her candid remarks about "working towards a better future together" alongside Shandris, a prominent figure within the Alliance, signifies the end of the faction war and the possibility of unity among the factions.

This phenomenon mirrors the bonds of friendship already witnessed between Jaina and Thrall, as well as Anduin and Baine. While some Dark Rangers remain with the Forsaken, others have returned to Night Elf society, showcasing the potential for reconciliation between the Living and their Undead loved ones. Although the Forsaken may not settle in Amirdrassil alongside the Night Elves in the near future, this unexpected alliance between Lilian and Shandris is a glimpse into a world where faction boundaries are becoming more flexible and friendships can transgress traditional boundaries.

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A Surprising Pairing in the Emerald Dream - Lilian Voss Guide | WowCarry (2024)


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