OSRS Ironman Crafting Guide - OSRS Guide (2024)

OSRS Ironman Crafting Guide - OSRS Guide (1)

This is a comprehensive guide to crafting on osrs for Ironman accounts.

If you were looking for a regular crafting guide, check out our 1 – 99 OSRS Crafting Guide.

Crafting is a skill where you can skip A LOT of the initial levels through crafting which is HIGHLY recommended as an ironman.

You will need these quests anyway to progress your accounts so please don’t skip this step.

Early Quests

Most crafting quests have little to no requirements. If you follow the Ironman Efficiency Guide you will knock these out as you go.

Quest NameRequirementsExperienceBrings you to level
Sheep Shearernone150 experience2
Goblin Diplomacynone200 experience4
Misthalin Mysterynone600 experience8
Dwarf Cannonnone750 experience12
RFD: Goblin GeneralsStarted RFD
Goblin Diplomacy
1,000 experience15
Murder Mysterynone1,406 experience19
Observatory Questnone2,250 experience23
Elemental Workshop 120 mining
20 smithing
20 crafting
5,000 experience28
Elemental Workshop 220 magic
30 smithing
7,500 experience33

Other Crafting Quests

These quests give additional crafting experience but have other low-level requirements as well.

Tower of Life10 construction500 experience
In Search of the MyrequeNature Spirit
25 Agility
600 experience
Animal Magnetism19 crafting
18 slayer
30 ranged
35 woodcutting
Priest in Peril
The restless ghost
Ernest the Chicken
1,000 experience
The Golem20 crafting
25 thieving
1,000 experience
Making History24 crafting
Priest in Peril
1,000 experience
RFD: Pirate Pete30 cooking1,000 experience
Tears of Guthix20 crafting
43 QP
49 firemaking
20 mining
1,000 experience

What to Craft as an ironman

Molten Glass + Glassblowing

The number 1 method ironmen train crafting is by making molten glass (buckets of sand + soda ash) and then using a glasblowing pipe to turn them into glassware depending on their level.

When making Molten Glass, you will get around 24k experience per hour.

Then, when glasblowing, you can blow about 1700 glass per hour which amounts to up to 120k experience per hour at later levels.

TypeCrafting LevelEXP/HR
Beer Glass129k
Empty Candle Lantern432k
Empty Oil Lamp1242k
Fish Bowl4272k
Unpowered Orb4690k
Lantern Lens4993k
Light Orb87120k

To make molten glass, you have to smelt 14 buckets of sand and 14 furnace at a furnace (Edgeville will be your best bet in the early levels).

Then you can use a glassblowing pipe (you can buy them at any charter) to blow them into glass depending on your crafting level.

Cutting Gems

Cutting gems is a super fast way to train crafting. However, it’s not a very viable crafting method for ironmen however, since obtaining gems isn’t all that easy.

When gem mining, you can obtain a maximum of 750 gems per hour. It would take you over 6 hours of gem mining to obtain just one hours worth of gems for cutting. And only about 30% of the gems you receive are really worth their crafting experience.

Crafting Gems could be a great way to boost your dedicated crafter in an ironman group however.

For example, 4 members could mine gems and deposit them into the group storage while the crafter is cutting them.

This way, the crafter would have access to up to 3000 gems per hour!

Gem TypeCrafting levelCutting ExpJewellery ExpTotal ExpHourly Exp (cutting)Hourly Exp (Jewellery)

How to Obtain Crafting Supplies as an Ironman

As an ironman, you need to obtain your crafting supplies yourself.

This portion of the guide will focus on how you can obtain your crafting supplies.

The best and most efficient way to train crafting as an ironman is Molten Glass so we’ll mostly look into how to obtain soda ash and buckets of sand which are the two ingredients required to make Molten Glass.

Soda Ash (Molten Glass)

1. Giant Seaweed Farming

Farming Giant Seaweed is the best way to get soda ash for molten glass as an ironman.

Just 1 Giant Seaweed will convert to 6 soda ash when successfully cooked.

And using the two Seaweed patches on Fossil Island, you will obtain anywhere between 30 – 70 seaweed every 40 minutes.

Here are the requirements:

  • 23 farming
  • Bone Voyage Quest
  • (recommended) RFD: Pirate Pete for Fishbowl helmet and Diving Apparatus

How to obtain Seaweed Spores:
– Pickpocket Master Farmers (38 thieving)
– AFK Ammonite Crabs
– Wait underwater near the seaweed patch (they spawn VERY frequently)
– Kill lobstrocities underwater (1/15 drop rate)
The YouTube video below shows you how you can AFK obtain seaweed spores with the help of Runelite.

How to Farm Giant Seaweed

  1. Teleport to the Dig Site using Digsite Pendant
  2. Quick-Travel the Barge
  3. Run North along the coast to the rowboat
  4. Rowboat to SEA
  5. Once at the island, right-click: dive rowboat to be taken underwater

If you don’t have seaweed spores yet, you can go here anyway and wait for them to spawn.

If you plan to camp the spot, bring fletching items.

The video below shows you how you can farm giant seaweed.

Once you think you have enough seaweed you can cook them at any range to turn them into soda ash.

Alternatively, you can perform the Superglass Make spell on the Lunar Spellbook to skip the cooking step when making molten glass from giant seaweed.

2. Buy from Charters

Charters are located on most docks around Gielinor and have their own shop where they sell soda ash as well as buckets of sand.

Each world will have 10 soda ash and 10 buckets of sand in stock (assuming no other ironman or group ironman bought them out), simply hop around worlds to buy them in bulk and bank.

Port Khazard is perfect because its close to a bank.

This method isn’t always viable because ironman and group ironman tend to buy out the stock.

P.S. you can also buy seaweed which you can cook into soda ash using a range.

Buckets of Sand (Molten Glass)

1. Obtaining Buckets of Sand in Yanille

This method is very simple and requires you to have your P-O-H located in Yanille (for fast trips).

Behind the Yanille house portal there is a sandbox which holds an infinite amount of sand.

You can show up with empty buckets and fill them up, bank and repeat.

You can run all the way to the bank or you can use a banking method (e.g. duelling ring) + Home Teleports.

2. Mining Sandstone

This method requires 35 mining.

Sand Mining is a way of obtaining buckets of sand while training your mining level.

This is a great option for ironmen who need to train their mining for questing.

Mining sandstone can only be done in the desert at the Bandit Camp Quarry.

You have to bring your own buckets for this method so bring as many noted buckets as you need.

You can obtain your buckets of sand from the NPC Drew who is located in the Quarry.

Simply use your noted buckets on him first.

Then mine sandstone and use them on him as well.

Once you are done, you can buy buckets of sand from

To obtain your buckets of sand, you must go to the Sandstorm grinder which is also located in the quarry and use your sandstone as well as your noted buckets on it.

This will cost you 50gp per bucket of sand.

The video below will teach you everything you need to know.

3. Passive Buckets of Sand from Bert

This method requires 49 crafting and completion of The Hand in the Sand quest.

After Completion of the Hand in the Sand quest, you can ask Bert for 84 buckets of sand EVERY DAY.

This is a great way to passively obtain a load of buckets of sand.

For example, do this for a whole month and you will wind up with 2,520 buckets of sand.

Combine that with just 2 giant seaweed trips per week and you’ll have a total of 2,520 molten glass every month.

That’s good for up to 180k almost effortless crafting experience (when making them into unpowered orbs) every month.

Mining Gems

This method requires completion of the Shilo Village quest as well as 40+ mining.

Karamja Gloves 3 are HIGHLY recommended.

Gem rocks are located in Shilo Village and can be mined at level 40 mining.

Anyone with access to Shilo Village can access the basic gem mine but players with Karamja Gloves 3 or above have access to a separate cave with even more rocks and a bank deposit box.

According to osrs wiki, you can mine between 300 to 750 gems per hour depending on your mining level and your access to karamja gloves.

Just one hour of gem mining here will provide you with enough gems to get anywhere from 25k to 53k crafting experience.

On top of that, you will also gain decent mining experience as well as have a good amount of gems for teleportation jewellery.

Mining gem rocks is also the best way to hunt for the mining pet.

This method becomes significantly more worth it once you have completed the Karamja Hard Diaries which unlock the Karamja Gloves 3 and give you access to the underground gem mine.

Buying Gems

This method requires a fire cape.

You can buy Gems in Mor Ul Rek from the Gem Stall which you gain access to once you defeat Jad and obtain the fire cape.

Keep in mind this store sells for TOKKUL not COINS.

They have 16 sapphires, 12 emeralds, 8 rubies, and 6 diamonds in stock.

You can hop worlds to obtain as many as you need.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, this ironman crafting guide has taught you everything you need to know to train crafting on your ironman or group ironman account.

Be sure to check out our Ironman Efficiency Guide as well as our other Ironman Guides.

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OSRS Ironman Crafting Guide - OSRS Guide (2024)


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