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Table of Contents

  • Preface

  • Change History

  • Table of Contents

  • Installation and Commissioning

  • Customer's On-Site Connection Requirements

  • Hardware Connection and Preparatory Work

  • General Activities

  • Recommended Water Filter

  • Interface Plate for Electrical Connections

  • Initial Commissioning

  • Goal of the Technician's Intro

  • Workflow, Technician's Intro

  • Service

  • Brewer

  • Distance between Angle Sensor and Brewer Spindle (Magnet)

  • Espresso Pump

  • Grinders

  • Mechanical Basic Settings

  • Using the Electrical Grinding Degree Setting on the Grinder

  • Portioner Calibration

  • Grinder(S) Idle Current Calibration

  • Dynamic Coffee Assist Advance Settings

  • Powder Portioner

  • Portioner Calibration for Choc / Topping

  • Dynamic Milk Pump

  • Power Supply

  • Use the Test Tool to Check the Power Supply

  • Power Stage

  • CAN Bus

  • Front Panel

  • Panel Updater

  • Fan System

  • Power Class

  • Antifreeze /Transport Preparation

  • Notes on Piping Diagrams

  • Maintenance

  • Maintenance Concept - Overview of Maintenance Tasks

  • Service Maintenance 1 Every 60,000 Brewing Cycles

  • Service Maintenance 2 - Every 2 Years

  • Descaling

  • Special Tools and Aids


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WMF 5000 S+

Service Manual

KSS Global Service Product Management

Revision: 09/2022



Table ofContents

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Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for WMF 5000 S+

  • Page 1 WMF 5000 S+ Service Manual KSS Global Service Product Management Revision: 09/2022 Rev.
  • Page 2: Preface

    If significant changes are made, then this document, along with the referenced attachments and related documents, will be updated and provided to registered users for download in the service center. Attachments.  WMF 5000 S+ Setting instructions milk and foam  WMF 5000 S+ Software description Part 1 ...
  • Page 3: Change History

    Change history Change history  Rev. 01 from 10/2018 1st edition for series launch  Rev. 02 from 04/2019 Expansion brewer, addition to maintenance concept, special tools  Rev. 03 from 06/2019 Expansion FFC maintenance concept  Rev. 04 from 10/2019 Expanded maintenance concept for Dynamic Milk ...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Table of contents Preface ..................................................2 Change history ................................................. 3 Table of contents ..............................................4 Installation and commissioning ........................................ 6 Customer’s on-site connection requirements ......................................... 6 Hardware connection and preparatory work .......................................... 6 1.2.1 General activities ..................................................... 6 1.2.2 Recommended water filter ................................................
  • Page 5 Table of contents 2.4.5 Dynamic Coffee Assist advance settings ..........................................18 Powder portioner ..................................................19 2.5.1 Portioner calibration for Choc / Topping ..........................................19 Dynamic milk pump..................................................20 Power supply ....................................................21 2.7.1 Use the test tool to check the power supply ........................................22 Power stage ....................................................23 2.8.1 CAN bus......................................................24 Front panel ......................................................25...
  • Page 6: Installation And Commissioning

    The WMF Service engineers may only connect the coffee machine to existing prepared connection points. WMF Service is neither authorized nor responsible for carrying out any work on-site prior to connection. For details, see the planning information on the website www.wmf-coffeemachines.com.
  • Page 7 Installation and commissioning  Example, Dynamic Milk: all drains must be sloped.  Attach the drain tube and rinse hose to the elbow connector using cable ties Attention: To prevent back-contamination, the hoses MUST NOT make contact with the wastewater. Two position arrows are inscribed on the elbow connector for reference.
  • Page 8: Recommended Water Filter

     Enter the measured values in the WMF Aquatool app and install the water filter recommended for your water consumption and type of coffee machine.  Please note the variance in line water values for the filter capacity shown in the app. (plan for buffer) 1.2.3 Interface plate for electrical connections...
  • Page 9: Initial Commissioning

    Installation and commissioning Initial commissioning 1.3.1 Goal of the Technician's Intro  A guided implementation of mandatory basic settings.  As simple a start-up of the coffee machine as possible with a high-quality beverage quality. The aim is not to cover all setting options. If for example the settings stored as defaults are changed in the "Operating options"...
  • Page 10 Installation and commissioning Set automatic summer/winter time. Adjust time and date where necessary. The prompt appears asking whether to carry out start-up or not. When "Yes": next step When „No“: machine is filled then heat up and is then ready for use...
  • Page 11 Installation and commissioning Enter the technician PIN. (Since some access to service menus is provided as part of the Technician's Intro; it is used to ensure that only technicians use the start-up intro.) A pure information text page follows. In this way, the setting steps to be performed are explained in detail.
  • Page 12 Installation and commissioning If needed, adjust the machine configuration. After processing and confirmation, a restart will be required. The menu items are intended – as they partly build on top of each another- to be processed from top to bottom. (The cooler is only present when it was previously selected in the machine configuration).
  • Page 13: Service

    Service Service Brewer The HD brewer is used in the WMF 5000 S+. The brewer unit without grounds chute is available as a spare part. This brewing unit is also used in the following machine models:  WMF 5000 S, WMF 8000 S+, WMF 9000 S+...
  • Page 14: Distance Between Angle Sensor And Brewer Spindle (Magnet)

    Service Distance between angle sensor and brewer spindle (magnet) The "Brewer in place" status is detected by the angle sensor, which detects the magnet installed at the upper end of the brewer spindle. The distance between the angle sensor and the magnet on the brewer spindle must be between 0.8 and 2.8 mm.
  • Page 15: Espresso Pump

    Service Espresso pump The espresso pump used in the WMF 5000 S+ has a „balanced“ pump head. The output pressure is regulated to the pump pressure setting, regardless of the input pressure. The standard factory setting is 7.5 bar. The pump head is available as a separate spare part. When the pump head is replaced, make sure than the alignment is correct.
  • Page 16: Grinders

    Service Grinders Right grinder The grinder on the right is pre-set to grinding degree 1, espresso grind. This corresponds to a discharge rate of about 2.2 g/s, and a grain size distribution of about 470 μm. Left and center grinder The center / left grinder is pre-set to grinding degree 5, creme grind.
  • Page 17: Portioner Calibration

    Service 2.4.3 Portioner calibration Coffee grinder actuation is time-controlled. In order to be able to enter the amount of ground coffee in grams in a recipe, a portioner calibration is necessary. A portioner calibration determines the amount of ground coffee dispensed per second of running time. Based on this, the machine can calculate the running time needed for the amount of ground coffee programmed in the recipe.
  • Page 18: Grinder(S) Idle Current Calibration

    Service 2.4.4 Grinder(s) idle current calibration In order to obtain correct notifications that the bean hopper is empty, a grinder idle current calibration can be performed for each grinder  Interrupt bean feeding → Lock or remove the hopper  Start the grinder idle current calibration and follow the instructions on the display Service >...
  • Page 19: Powder Portioner

    Service 5. Apply the single and double espresso settings to beverages with espresso content Powder portioner 2.5.1 Portioner calibration for Choc / Topping Actuation of the powder portioner is time-controlled. In order to be able to enter the amount of powder in grams in a recipe, a portioner calibration is necessary.
  • Page 20: Dynamic Milk Pump

    Service Dynamic milk pump The ultrasonic sensor installed in the milk path monitors the milk pump performance and flow of the milk. The voltage of the pump motor can be corrected by up to ±5 % as needed. Correcting the pump power output results in a constant milk foam quality and dispensing temperature. When the milk pump is recalibrated (Service >...
  • Page 21: Power Supply

    Service Power supply The platform power supply can be used in the following machine models: WMF 1500 S+; WMF 5000 S+, WMF 9000 S+; WMF 9000 F Notes:  The power supply 154C spare part is shipped WITHOUT a mounting bracket ...
  • Page 22: Use The Test Tool To Check The Power Supply

    Service 2.7.1 Use the test tool to check the power supply Preparatory activities:  Unplug the main power cord!  Access the power stage  Plug the 7-pole adapter cable from the adapter cable set into the test tool Check 24 V and 30 V: ...
  • Page 23: Power Stage

    Using the platform power stage, which can be used in the following machine models: WMF 1500 S+; WMF 5000 S+, WMF 9000 S+; WMF 9000 F, Syrup accessory equipment When a spare power stage is installed, or one from a different model, the required power stage software is generally automatically transferred to the power stage. An update of the power stage software can also be initiated manually.
  • Page 24: Can Bus

    Service 2.8.1 CAN bus Communications between the front panel and the power stage make use of the CAN bus. Depending on the machine equipment level, other component assemblies may be connected to the CAN bus:  I/O Board AutoClean  Cup sensor ...
  • Page 25: Front Panel

    Service Front panel The platform front panel is used in the following machine types: WMF 1500 S+; WMF 5000 S+, WMF 9000 F The following components are integrated in the front panel platform: Ethernet connection 10-inch display with sensor glass and capacitive touch...
  • Page 26: Panel Updater

    The panel updater must be used to update the front panel, and a front panel from a different machine type can also be used (for example, a front panel from a WMF 5000 S+ can be used on a WMF 1500 S+).
  • Page 27 3 - Enter the type number (per the machine rating plate) 4 - All of the software versions saved on the USB Stick are displayed for the 03.1920 = WMF 1500 S+ / 03.8900 = WMF 9000 F previously entered machine type. Select and confirm the desired software 03.1950 = WMF 5000 S+.
  • Page 28 Service 5 - Confirm the security dialogue with „Yes“. 6 - Once the software has been installed, remove the USB Stick and confirm the message. The machine will then restart. 7 - Following the restart, the language must be selected. 8 –...
  • Page 29 Service Further description of the process when a data backup is to be transferred from the SD card and the query has been answered with „Yes“: 1 - If the response to the query was „Yes,“ the machine switches off after 2 - Following the restart, the query of whether a full data backup the message is acknowledged.
  • Page 30 Service 3 - All of the data backups saved on the SD card are displayed. 4 – Acknowledge the security dialogue, then the data backup will be Select and confirm the data backup to be loaded. loaded and the machine will be restarted. Further process flow description, if the backup is not to be loaded from the SD card: 1 - Enter the serial number from the machine rating plate 2 - Confirm the security dialogue with „Yes“.
  • Page 31: Fan System

    3 - The Menu button can be pressed to acknowledge the display message, and the machine will then restart. 2.10 Fan system The WMF 5000 S+ requires 2 separate fans Power stage fan: A powerful fan (1.68 W) ensures a low-temperature environment for the stage.
  • Page 32 Service Machine exhaust The fan is less powerful (0.74 W) and therefore quieter, and extracts the residual moisture from the brewing chamber (coffee grounds) and choc area through the rear cover.
  • Page 33: Power Class

    Service 2.11 Power Class The "Power Class" considers the country-specific heating output versions of the machine, the connection configuration at the grid power terminal, and the current protection on the supply grid side. The Power Class is therefore useful for optimizing utilization and ensuring machine functionality. The Power Class determines the following: Mutual lockout and enabling of components such as the grinder and heater.
  • Page 34: Antifreeze /Transport Preparation

    Service 2.12 Antifreeze / Transport preparation This routine is the easiest way to prepare the coffee machine for shipping during winter months. Without needing to open up the coffee machine, the boiler water system and the safety assembly are partially emptied. This prevents any frost damage from a single freezing incident.
  • Page 35: Notes On Piping Diagrams

    Maintenance Notes on piping diagrams Various piping diagrams that show the most critical equipment features are available.  The equipment features are labelled in the piping diagrams. Part numbers for apertures, plug connectors, shaped hoses, etc. are listed directly in the ...
  • Page 36: Maintenance

    Maintenance concept – Overview of maintenance tasks The following WMF maintenance concept based on time-/serving-dependent cycles, describes the minimum scope of maintenance activities as recommended by WMF. Please also consider separate agreements from service contracts, as well as local conditions (which may make descaling necessary before the scheduled time, for example).
  • Page 37: Service Maintenance 1 Every 60,000 Brewing Cycles

    Maintenance Service maintenance 1 every 60,000 brewing cycles Service maintenance 1 – Standard - Easy Milk & Dynamic Milk Standard- Easy Milk, Dynamic Milk 33 2939 5000 Designation Material Number of Brewer Lower piston complete 33 2920 5000 Hydraulic connection 33 7006 0992 O-Ring coffee transfer 33 0398 4000...
  • Page 38: Service Maintenance 2 - Every 2 Years

    Maintenance Service Maintenance 2 - every 2 years Service maintenance 2 - Easy Milk //   Dynamic Milk Easy Milk 33 2835 9000 Dynamic Milk 33 2835 8000 Designation Material Number of Designation Material Number of Ventilation / exhaust Ventilation / exhaust Drain tube 1x15 cm + 1x9.5 cm 00 0048 0042 24.5 cm...
  • Page 39: Descaling

    A separate descaling container (capacity 5 liters) is also required and must be placed next to the machine. The dosage is identical to the WMF 1500 S+ (2 bottles of descaler to 3 bottles of water). Important notes: ...
  • Page 40: Special Tools And Aids

    Manual insert jumper plug, 10-pole Item number 33 2628 9000 USB stick Item number 33 2492 5000 WMF 5000 S/8000 S/9000 S+ Multitool Service Item number 33 2586 8000 used to perform the following actions: Move brewer WMF 1500 S/5000 S Multitool...
WMF 5000 S+ SERVICE MANUAL Pdf Download (2024)


What is the water pressure for a WMF coffee machine? ›

The potential equalisation terminal is installed by WMF Service if needed. Water drain tube (optional) 3/8 inch hose connector with mains tap, and filter with 0.08 mm mesh size, on site. At least 0.2 MPa (2 bar) flow pressure at 2 l/min (standard). Maximum 0.6 MPa (6 bar).

What is error code 9055 on WMF coffee machine? ›

9055 1 c Forced cleaning The machine must be cleaned Limit time reached or cleaning has been interrupted. Machine must be cleaned. Dispensing of coffee beverages blocked. Carry out cleaning.

What is the best water pressure for a coffee machine? ›

The ideal level of BAR passing through your coffee grounds should be around 7-11 BARs of pressure, though some espresso machines will be able to hit higher BAR. Machines capable of hitting 9 BARs of pressure will have the ability to produce a rich and concentrated espresso shot.

What is the best coffee to water ratio for a coffee machine? ›

Though ratios are completely subjective, nearly all well-balanced cups of coffee are consistently brewed around a certain ratio. Coffee's golden ratio is 1:18 (1 gram of coffee to every 18 grams of water). If you want a stronger cup, use a ratio of 1:15 or if you want a lighter cup, use 1:18.

What is the WMF milk system cleaner? ›

WMF Milk System Cleaner for Auto Clean

Ensuring your machine's milk system remains in peak condition. Specifically designed to remove milk proteins and residue, this cleaner guarantees hygiene and consistent performance.

What cleaning chemical will you use when cleaning a WMF combination coffee machine with automatic mode? ›

The Machine must be prepared for automatic Cleaning. The WMF liquid Descaling is used for all Machines. The WMF Descaling Powder is used for all Machines. The WMF Milk Cleaner is used for all WMF Espresso Machines which have a Milk Option.

What is the pressure gauge for on a coffee machine? ›

The gauge is largely there to show us if the brew pressure needs eventual adjustment or when it's time to replace the pump. If you've ever wondered "Is my machine building enough pressure?" and the gauge is displaying lower than 9 bar when brewing, then it's time to focus on the brew ratio and time.

What is the pressure on a Bialetti coffee maker? ›

It was invented in its classic design in 1933 for Alfonso Bialetti and was manufactured as Moka Express (made of aluminium) in the postwar era. The classic espresso pot works with about 1 bar pressure, special models such as the Bialetti Brikka can produce up to 2 bar pressure.

Is higher pressure better for coffee machine? ›

Most machines brew coffee at nine bars which takes about 25 to 30 seconds to pull a shot of espresso. If you're unsure, the rule of thumb is: lesser pressure means slower flow while higher pressure has faster flow. Your coffee needs time to be extracted so setting a higher pressure may not give the best results.

What pressure is an Italian coffee machine? ›

More specifically, the standard pressure of modern espresso machines is at least 9 bars. On the other hand, the Moka uses a pressure of about 1.5 bars.


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